Teraspindade värvimine tuletõkkevärvidega aeglustab terase kuumenemist ja annab täiendava aja, enne kui teras saavutab temperatuuri, mille juures see kaotab kandevõime. See annab lisaaega evakuatsiooniks ja tuletõrjele tule kontrolli alla saamiseks. Tuletõkkevärvid on sellised, mis paisuvad kuumuse mõjul, moodustades kaitsva, isoleeriva kihi.

Fontefire ST 60 on veepõhine ühekomponentne tuletõkkevärv teraskonstruktsioonidele sisetingimustes. Selle kaitsev toime põhineb tugeval paisumisel soojuse mõjul, moodustades isoleeriva vahukihi. Isegi õhuke värvikiht annab kaitse.

  • Sobib teraskonstruktsioonidele sisetingimustes (ETAG 018-2 tüüp Z2)
  • Konkurentsivõimeline kihipaksus
  • Sobib erineva suurusega "H"- ja "I"- profiiliga terastaladele ja -postidele tulepüsivusklassis R60
  • Ümmarguste/ristkülikukujuliste toruprofiilide ja kanttoruprofiilide tulekaitse tuletõkkeklassis R90
  • Värvil on CE-märgitus (ETA 15/0442)
  • Väga madal LOÜ sisaldus (17 g/l)


Tuletõkke värvi kasutamisel võtke alati ühendust Tikkurila spetsialistidega >>

Saving lives, assets and the environment with intumescent coatings

Intumescent technology, i.e. fire protection is based on the paint surface expanding when exposed to heat. Tikkurila’s intumescent coatings help save lives and assets and prevent environmental damage.

Our intumescent coating solutions provide efficient fire protection for constructional steel work that fulfill the requirements of the required fire class. Together with intumescent coating we have variety of compatible primers and topcoats. Tikkurila’s intumescent coatings provide competitive film thicknesses, for open and closed profiles and a wide range of systems.

Our intumescent coating product,  Fontefire ST 60-1 is a water-borne, one-component, intumescent paint for steel surfaces. It provides efficient fire protection for constructional steelwork.


What are intumescent coatings based on

Because steel structure can reach +500°C in under 15 minutes, it requires protection to avoid losing its strength, leading to collapse. It’s important the intumescent has to perform as fast as possible to be effective.

An intumescent is a thin-film coating which is inert at low temperatures (under + 200°C) but reacts with heat. When subjected to heat intumescent coating is rapidly transformed through sublimation, and expands many times its original thickness and forms an insulating layer of foam. The resultant layer of foam reduces the conduction of heat from the fire to the substrate, delaying the time to reach structural failure. The foam has the ability to remain in site during any movement of the steel, such as expansion or deflection, giving critical time to escape and evacuate.

The insulating layer of foam has very good heat insulation properties, it’s spongeous and porous, and can reach up to 50 mm of thickness.


Tailored coating solutions you can trust

We work with you to understand the full life cycle of your product and identify opportunities to improve efficiency by reducing costs, accelerating project schedules, and carefully managing the supply chain. Our technical services experts are ready to support you with achieving your business goals.

Our technical service experts are helping you for selecting the right systems and providing help with selecting the right film thickness. Try out also our easy-to-use film thickness calculator.

Intumescent calculator for steel


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